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i'm star-kissed!

Name: Donald Alexander
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Location; Woodbridge, VA
Birthday: 6/20/1988
Small bio of yourself: i'm donald i'm cool i love 80's music i speak two languages.

10 bands: death cab for cutie, the postal service, the cure, emery, matchbook romance, the starting line, saves the day, braid, cursive, thursday, fall out boy.
5 movies: white chicks, soul plane, finding nemo, homeroom, wrong turn (anything scary.
3 books: left behind series, night, farenheit 451
1 color: light blue or black =/ heh sorry

1 thing you love: driving<3
1 thing you hate: snickers
3 good qualities you have: bi-lingual, mild mannered, can get along with anyone
3 bad qualities you have: i let people run over me, i'm moody, not consistent

abortion? i think that it should be illegal unless special cases example someone was raped
gay marriages? no it shouldn't be allowed
supernatural beings (ghosts aliens etc)? i believe in them, but no i don't think they will bother me
self-mutalation? no that's just stupid " wee let me go cut myself "

How did you hear about this community? friend & one of my other friends is the mod
Promote us somewhere and show the link: huh? ?

3 or more pictures of yourself:

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