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Name: kathryn
Age: 14...15 in october
Sex: girl
Location: florida
Birthday: october 8
Small bio of yourself: i love to hang with friends.. do stupid things youll remember years later even if you get into trouble... listen to music.. make new friends.. and im very outgoing and a blast to be around.

10 bands: fall out boy, dashboard, mae, switchfoot, story of the year, yellowcard, deathcab for cutie, relient k, def leopard (80's rock rocks), new found glory
5 movies: big daddy, remember the titans, the ring, sweet home alabama, whatever it takes
3 books: a time to dance, a twisted window, a walk to remember, drivers ed, tender,
1 color: hot pink

1 thing you love: laughter
1 thing you hate: pain
3 good qualities you have: outgoing, can keep a promise, i do things for the moment
3 bad qualities you have: i can be loud, im sensitive, i do things for the moment(i guess it qualifies as good and bad)

abortion? i dont have a preference.. 1/2 of me feels like you shouldnt kill a life that you should give it up for adoption to a family that cant have a baby or wants a baby.. but then i think you should be able to have an abortion because itd be better then making a child feel unwanted later in life.

gay marriages? ok... this may be hard to understand. i used to be totally against it.. didnt want anything to do with it, im christian so i felt that it was wrong. and i honestly felt like people just did it to get attention. but then when i thought about it more and talked about it with my mom i came to realize that o well. that im growing on the fact that its ok. not necessarily that its ok.. but i feel like who says whether its right or wrong.. do i?.. i used to say it was wrong.. but who says i have the power and the authority.. or that anyone does... to say its wrong.. just because so many people say its wrong doesnt mean that it is. everyones entitled to their own opinion... but that doesnt mean their opinion is right.. or wrong. i just felt that i shouldnt be able to tell people whats right or wrong..especially not in this case.. cus in this case.. there IS NO right or wrong. because the way someone feels is the way they feel. period. you may not agree with it.. but they have a right to feel a certain way. and no should be able to tell them they cant feel a certain way. so if someone is gay and thats what they feel in their heart.. then so be it. and if they want to marry gay.. then so be it.. its better then them trying to be someone their not.. because im sure weve all felt that way sometimes.. that we were acting like someone we werent.. and it sucked to pretend. so we shouldnt make others feel worthless or embaressed for who they are or how they feel.whew that was long.
supernatural beings (ghosts aliens etc)? i dont fully belive in it.. i just think it's something people wish was true. 
self-mutalation? im not disgusted by it like some people are.. but i feel sympathetic for people who do it.. its like i feel bad.. but so far in my life i havent wanted to do it.. and i dont wan to do it later on. becuase i dont think things could be as bad as to make you want to hurt yourself.

How did you hear about this community? through the interests search... under fall out boy

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