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I'm star-kissed duhhhh!

Name: danielle
Age: 16
Sex: female
Location: arizona :(
Birthday: 2-25
Small bio of yourself: umm i've lived in arizona for 5 years. i was born in milwaukee wisconson. umm i dont have a lot of friends/people i trust. boys dont like me. i have 3 brothers. i love music. and yah.

10 bands: cursive, the spill canvas, a static lullaby, coheed and cambria, from autumn to ashes, death cab for cutie, ben kweller, the postal service, hellogoodbye, my chemical romance
5 movies: requiem for a dream, spun, big fish, grease, the rocky horror picture show
3 books: the perks of being a wallflower, go ask alice, cut.
1 color: black. yah i know its so cliche.

1 thing you love: ummm music. and this boy...
1 thing you hate: drama, and stupid faggots. yah i know i put 2 for each. i'm special-ed/
3 good qualities you have: fun, understanding, trusting
3 bad qualities you have: i talk too much for my own good, i let people walk all over me, i dont watch out for myself enough,

abortion? i dont approve of it, but i mean i guess its the mom's choice if she wants to kill the baby or not. i know that personally i would never get an abortion.
gay marriages? i dont see whats wrong with them. if they are in love, let em get married and be together.
supernatural beings (ghosts aliens etc)? well i've seen a ghost, so yah i believe in supernatural beings.
self-mutalation? i hate when people cut themselves. it doesn't help anything. it just leaves marks of when you were being "emo" and you hated the world. you can relieve yourself in other ways. like sexual pleasures. hahaha just kidding.

How did you hear about this community? through nerdness_07
Promote us somewhere and show the link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/xthelifewithinx/17496.html?view=165976#t165976

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