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I'm star-kissed

first of all, i am retarded and i couldnt bold my answers to save my life, im so tired of tring i feel like crying

Name: Mat with one "t"
Location:Nashville, TN as of now
Small bio of yourself: I'm 18 and one of a set of two (i have a twin, his name is Jake), vegan, emo, hardcore, play bass and sing in band, im in my 4th band and we are the best out of the 4 so far, i'm a dad, and love going to shows and bring the mosh.

10 bands:
-from autumn to ashes
-poison the well
-the life within (mine)
-walls of jericho
-with honor
-mortal treason
-across five aprils
-every time i die
5 movies:
-donnie darko
-texas chainsaw massacre
-fight club
-American History X
-eyes wide shut
3 books:
-Catcher in the Rye
-Education of a Felon
1 color:

1 thing you love:this one girl i know, she is amazing
1 thing you hate:hate
3 good qualities you have: eyes, i'm a caring dad, and i can be really caring
3 bad qualities you have: im an asshole, stupid, and i get a hell of alot of headaches

abortion? i hate abortion, it is murder, dont try and tell me different
gay marriages? love is love
supernatural beings (ghosts aliens etc)? i saw a ghost once, it scared me and i cried, that is all i remember
self-mutalation? attion hungry people, they do it for attion, and it's gay

How did you hear about this community? danielle sink_and_die
Promote us somewhere and show the link:

3 or more pictures of yourself:

i look like a monkey

but i do have killer eyes
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