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I'm star kissed

Name: Carolyn Rachelle
Age: 15
Sex: Girl

Location; Memphis, TN
Birthday: May 11, 1989
Small bio of yourself: My names Carolyn, I'm in choir I <3 to sing! I've been trying to actually find myself in my teen-age years and trying to cope with growing up. But aren't we all? I love music, I think it makes the world happier! I want to move to the beach, seems less stressful. Yeah thats about it hehe Not really good at this <3333

10 bands: Yellowcard *Of course*, Tonic, copeland, Taking Back Sunday, Linkin Park *My guilty Pleasure*, Wakefield, Blink 182, The Get Up Kids, death cab for cutie, The Beatles *So optimistic!*
5 movies: Black Sheep, Kung Pow, How to lose a guy in 10 days, Stealing Harvard, Harry Potter
3 books: Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time, The Shinning
1 color:  Ocean blue

1 thing you love: Making people smile
1 thing you hate: When people try to be something they're not
3 good qualities you have: Sense of humor, Optimistic, Spontanious
3 bad qualities you have: Not confident, Talk alot, Don't think before acting

abortion? Abortion to me is the same as someone walking up to a child and shooting them. It's an issue I think should be stopped. If you get pregnant it's your fault, so take the responsibility.
gay marriages? I think that whatever you are, if you have no problem with other people and that you respect they're decision to be straight then they should respect yours. And i'm 100% cool with that: )
supernatural beings (ghosts aliens etc)? I believe in supernatural beings..I was at my friends house and I had to pee and the lights were off and i saw a ghost girl standing in the bath tub looking at me, so now everytime i go to the bathroom I make sure that lights on..
self-mutalation? I know more people who do it so they feel sorry for them, than people who actually do it because they feel they need to. Not cool.

How did you hear about this community? I was looking for a good place to talk and make friends blah blah blah: ) So just searched for it
Promote us somewhere and show the link:  I think thats how??

3 or more pictures of yourself:

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