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I'm star-kissed.

Name: Kimmi
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Location: Apex, NC
Birthday: December 18th, 1990
Small bio of yourself: Hey, I play guitar, soccer, and basketball. I love most genres of music, if it's good. I have a secret fetish and love for strawberry poptarts, and I love music. I love it, I love it, I love it. It's what keeps me living.

10 bands: Atreyu, Matchbook Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Boys Night Out, Senses Fail, Fall Out Boy, The Weakend, The Straylight Run, The Juliana Theory.
5 movies: SLC Punk, White Oleander, Harry Potter, anything with Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler in it, Thirteen.
3 books: Harry Potter Series By JK Rowling, Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger, Don't Die My Love By Lurlene McDaniel.
1 color: Orange.

1 thing you love: Poptarts.
1 thing you hate: Hypocrites.
3 good qualities you have: I'm honest, I'm mature, and I am not afraid to speak my mind.
3 bad qualities you have: Sometimes I cuss too much, I can be disrespectful to my parents, and I let mean things that people say get to me too often.

abortion? Murder.
gay marriages? Love is love, it shouldn't matter what gender you are.
supernatural beings (ghosts aliens etc)? I'm not sure if they exist. I think they do, but I can't be sure, because there's no absolute proof.
self-mutalation? It's a bad coping mechanism, that I hope people will stop doing soon.

How did you hear about this community? browsing interests of "matchbook romance"
Promote us somewhere and show the link:

3 or more pictures of yourself:

I don't have any but I'll get some soon.

<3 Kimmi
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